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Myoelectric and 3D-printed prosthetics Myoelectric and 3D-printed prosthetics

Are cyborgs leaving the fictional world to join the real one? Recently, new models of prosthetics have been designed in order to make patients feel better and actua...

Twitter and his battle against Snapchat Twitter and his battle against Snapchat

Snapchat came like an avalanche and swept all leaving out youth field to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, especially the latter criticized for its lack of up...

The Instagrm effect The Instagrm effect

Instagram’s Popularity Most things now are driven by money and standardization of people’s lives, it is not odd that social networks are used for the same, given t...

Elephone know new features of the P9000 Elephone know new features of the P9000

Earlier this year the Chinese brand Elephone presented us with a terminal, with two variants Lite and Edge, whose name was Elephone P9000. At that time the specificati...

WhatsApp - Download WhatsApp - Download

Platforms of social media went from simplistic and single way oriented to highly efficient components of worldwide communications in a matter of a few years. As smart ...

UK battery UK battery

A new prototype Rightful development is not a one way road process that supposed to be simply and cheap… no. The steps from A to B and the nature of each (taking a ...


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