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Uber - Download Uber - Download

The technology is present everywhere and everyday deeper into lives and the things we do day by day. Today even calling a taxi can be made in a quick and simple way wi...

The launcher of Sony is updated to Google Play The launcher of Sony is updated to Google Play

Google Now, the equivalent of Siri on Android - but is also available on iOS - is only present in the launcher of Google. We have seen how other brands like HTC or...

Cyber criminals Cyber criminals

It's time to get them all! That might not be the right header for this. But in a way, it is fitting. Cyber criminals and many threats that reside in the big netw...

Almost teleportation – Virtual Reality Almost teleportation – Virtual Reality

Technological improvement happens every day, more details are given to the experience process of transporting ourselves through the mind and senses to different places...

The palette of cultural diversion in Silicon Valley The palette of cultural diversion in Silicon Valley

Since its averted birth, the Silicon Valley’s community has given the U.S and even the world, many ideas that changed the route technology and science had coming...

Photos with hyperspeed Photos with hyperspeed

Instagram decided to take a new route at 2014 when they invested on an iOS alternative of their own making called Hyperlapse; one app that keep the line of multimedia ...


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