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Instagram is renewed for its users Instagram is renewed for its users

The social network Instagram is leaving the classic camera logo embossed in leather. Instead adopts a stylized design on a colorful background with which the Polaroid ...

Traffic Tour Traffic Tour

Are you a cars lover? Do you want to take your passion to anywhere? Don’t wait anymore, take your smartphone, and download the new android game Traffic Tour. Traffi...

A view on bitcoin’s future A view on bitcoin’s future

Are you familiar with the popular concept of bitcoins? Right now that bubble is floating many lines, one of recognition and increase of value, other of possible fut...

Hitwe - Download Hitwe - Download

Technology has changed everything, it has become essential to our lives and each time all the things we do, we do it technology’s help. Since the apparitions of applic...

How the Smartphone changed us? How the Smartphone changed us?

Might sound as exaggerated, but besides communications and demolish several barriers of sharing with the world... how else the smart phone technology has altered our r...

SHAREit - Download SHAREit - Download

ShareIT was developed to transfer large files between your desktop and your mobile device. The tool uses the Wi-Fi network to transfer the files and does not consume t...


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